Who is JXP Systems?

Our Team

JXP Systems is a leading manufacturer of advanced technology for filtration and separation equipment for Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Water Treatment industries. Our products and services have been utilized in the most demanding services world-wide, and our company is known as one of the leading technology providers for filtration, separation, adsorption, and product mixing.


At JXP, our team has more than a century of combined experience in Oil & Gas and Energy filtration and separation. We offer both engineering and fabrication services so that our customers can guarantee that their equipment and processes will operate at both the efficiency and throughput they require.


Our engineers and fabricators ensure that no only is new equipment designed properly, but we also regularly retrofit equipment in order to improve existing efficiency, throughput, and operating costs. JXP Systems has provided some of the largest engineered retrofit solutions around the world for liquid and gas service, including welded, non-welded, and hand-held installations.